About us


About us

Dr. Sucandy
Ms Tvishi Sharma

Founder & Director
Counselling Psychologist and a Mental Health Advocate.

Ms Tvishi works with individual, couples, and groups. Staying in tune with trends in the science of behaviour, she uses current technology in her practice of providing mental health services. She believes in providing holistic support in helping individuals overcome issues in any phase of their life.

Having specialization in providing Couple Therapy, Individual Therapy, Group Therapy and Psycho-education, she has an experience of working with individuals of diverse age range undergoing anxiety, stress, depression and other related disorders. She has also facilitated multiple workshops for the same.

Through Sachetna she aims to provide effective, affordable and efficient counselling services. Also, creating awareness to alleviate stigmas and misconceptions associated with mental health treatment, and enabling clients to live their best lives.