Anandita Singh BhadaSachetna

We often find ourselves trapped in emotions we cannot understand or a kind of frustration that takes up our mental space. The question is “how do we get out of it?” Well, it’s simple. If we can get a hold on our reactions, then we can get a hold on almost anything. A major part of daily life is just reacting to various incidents and things said.

Our behavior is a composite package of our reactions, habits and the choices we make. Some people have a reputation for good behavior, whereas some are notoriously infamous for theirs. If you feel like you belong to the latter category then you must ask yourselves a question- Is it too late to change? The answer is always no. But is it really a ‘change’ in behavior that you seek? Is it even possible that a person who has lived half their life in a particular way would one day magically change? No, it is humanly not an accessible option.

How we behave is influenced by the surroundings we grew up in and the environment we call our comfort zone today. Our mental health contributes to our behavior while also being affected by it. It’s a dual edged sword with sharp edges and mind you, its care and repair is of utmost importance in today’s world.

It is not just our own behavior which has an impact on us but others’ as well. We must not upset ourselves due to something said by someone or an action committed by them. Instead, we should try and understand as to why the other person is choosing to behave in the way he/she is. Only a few people realize that there is an actual choice which one exercises when they respond, behave and say things.

Since you and I realize the importance of regulating our choices, we must encourage others to do so as well. As they say, information is the only thing that increases on sharing. So let’s take this step to share the load with others and help them choose the better option.