Couples Counselling



Every relationship is different and all couples have their own ups and downs. It takes a lot more than just love to ensure an everlasting fulfilled relationship. But, it is important to know that while you are going through some relationship issues you are not alone.

We at Sachetna are here to help you overcome any hiccups you are facing.

Couples counselling may address some of the following concerns:

- Intimacy
- Communication
- Forgiveness
- Anger
- Co-parenting
- Recurring conflict
- Infidelity
- Lack of trust
- Differing views on parenting
- Emotional distance

What to expect
The therapeutic hour is typically 1 hour. The Therapy can be short term (2-6 sessions) or long term (8 sessions or more) depending on the issue to be explored. Usually appointments are booked weekly.

The sessions can be conducted face to face as well as online as per the feasibility of the clients. Online therapy is just as effective as offline therapy. But with the added convenience and flexibility of your home and your time. Our online counselling modes include- voice calls and video calls.