Family Counselling



Family is not just a group of people who eat, sleep and exist under one roof but is the deepest level of your emotional roots.

All the members of the family have their own personality and way of thinking which cumulatively imparts the family its collective identity.

Family counselling is focused on the family and issues arising from within the family system. It is designed to help family members learn new ways of communicating more effectively which will enhance and strengthen their closeness. However, family counselling does not necessarily mean that all the family members are involved in the therapy.

Family counselling may address some of the following concern:

- Conflicts
- Family bonds
- Communication
- Anger
- Forgiveness
- Grief and Loss
- Emotional unavailability

What to expect
The therapeutic hour is typically 45 – 60 minutes. The Therapy can be short term (2-6 sessions) or long term (8 sessions or more) depending on the issue to be explored. Usually appointments are booked weekly.

The sessions can be conducted face to face as well as online as per the feasibility of the clients. Online therapy is just as effective as offline therapy. But with the added convenience and flexibility of your home and your time. Our online counselling modes include- voice calls and video calls.