Individual Counselling



We face many adversities in our lives. Most of the times we easily overcome these adversities but there are some unique circumstances where it gets difficult. Times when these adversities take a toll on us.

Individual counselling is helpful for people who are going through life transitions or life difficulties, which are outside of their usual experiences and may be difficult to cope with on their own.

We at Sachetna help you overcome these adversities and move towards a happier and fulfilled life.

Individual counselling can be helpful for those who are suffering from:

- Depression

- Anxiety
- Relationship issues (romantic or others)
- Negative thoughts
- Overthinking
- Troubling emotions
- Fears
- Self-esteem issues and unmet potential
- Sleep issues
- Grief, loss or anger
- Loneliness and Isolation

- Adolescent issues
- Behavior and emotional issues
- Work stress
- Break ups
- Peer pressure
- Body image issues
- Inferiority complex
- Abuse- physical, mental, verbal or sexual (historical or present)
- Life transitions

What to expect 

The therapeutic hour is typically 50 minutes. The Therapy can be short term (2-6 sessions) or long term (8 sessions or more) depending on the issue to be explored. Usually appointments are booked weekly.


The sessions can be conducted face to face as well as online as per the feasibility of the client. Online therapy is just as effective as offline therapy. But with the added convenience and flexibility of your home and your time. Our online counselling modes include- voice calls and video calls.