“My friends and family are my life-giving force”

Aarushi GuptaSachetna

They are the source of my strength, guidance and comfort. They provide me a sense of belonging which I cannot find anywhere else. When I was dealing with emotionally draining situations and my various health issues, they encouraged me to remain strong and hopeful.

As human beings we are social by nature and our happiness to the great extent depends on our social life especially our relationships with family and friends. These are the people whom we can confide in and count on to provide support when we need it. Nowadays, people are finding ways to be increasingly busy running away from the reality that spending quality time with our family and friends make life more liveable and hence we become more stressed than ever. Therefore, we should seize every situation to spend time with them because it is important for building strong relationships with our loved ones. When we have someone to talk to about our lives and experiences, even sharing the smallest details of your daily activities with your best friend acts as a great stress-reliever.

Our families always encourage us to have positive outlook on life and we can always trust them because they know our every small life details. Thus, planning outings or vacations together, sharing regular meals together, laughing and talking and also going through any kind of family crisis together makes the bond even stronger. Even when things get crazy we always have our friends and family holding our back. Good and meaningful friendships makes it safer to express our deepest fears, worries and feelings. Our life becomes purposeful when we have friends to share them with. Texting our friends, making time for video calls , listening to their issues, even if we cannot meet them regularly, reminds them how special and loved they are.

Thus, spending time with our loved ones is always rewarding, makes us happy and helps us to forget even the most stressful days of our lives.