Mental health awareness is a very important step towards building a stigma free community. It is the first steps towards a holistic individual development.

We at Sachetna aim to create a stigma free society with each individual making a relevant contribution to community mental health.

To fulfil this aim we have developed several modules for workshops in the following areas:

  • Mental health literacy
  • Workplace mental health
  •  Stress management
  •  Sex education - Emotional and behavioural issues in teens/adolescents
  • Parenting
  • Personal Development
  • Motivational Programs
  • All mental health related topics

What to expect
The duration of the workshop may vary depending on the topic as well as target population. They can be of short duration (2-6 hours) or long duration (1-2 days), as per proposal discussions. Our approach is person centred, evidence based, and solution focused. The workshops are highly interactive, with activities and discussion throughout.

Our workshops are delivered face-to-face, and can be offered to small and large groups. We personalize our workshops to suit your business’s needs and the individual’s needs of the group. We conduct customisable workshops for schools, colleges as well as corporate levels in the area of mental health.

To request a workshop please fill the form below with relevant details: